Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Real Togetherness

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Things to do with Airtel 4G

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For our generation, one of the most annoying thing, or rather, the thing that annoys us the most is slow internet. After all, every one of us have swore or, at bare minimum, felt like throwing the laptop out of the window when that webpage takes forever to load. By the good Lord's grace, I have been blessed with a super-fast broadband connection at my home front, and hence, websites load in a snap and the same goes for live online streaming of my favourite stuff on Youtube, downloading movies and even Video conferencing calls. But once out of the range of my Wi-Fi's signals and every moment I live in is spent in agony. I have to rely on my Network Provider's Packet Data speed, which is slower than a snail's pace!

I remember, once I switched over to a new phone and I had not transferred any of my data in the new phone; read, a few hundreds of my favourite albums, a few ebooks, a couple of to-watch movies, and my work documents (which, by the way, were saved on a cloud server too). It was during my work commute, when I got a call from my colleague who spoke on the other end that the boss urgently requires some changes to be made to the presentation, which I was to deliver in the office right after I reached that day! I did have a copy of my original presentation file saved on my work computer but I would not have any time to make any changes as I had to do the presentation as soon as I reached! I tried accessing the document's copy saved on my cloud server, but the slow speed made it impossible! I was in despair and ultimately, I got a good firing from the boss at the workplace and an annoyed glance from the client for the hour long delay.

Imagine my delight when I came to know of the new Airtel 4G, which serves me the speed I crave for. Gone the days of painfully slow internet speed while commuting; I can now download movies, if I am getting bored during my two hours long commute within minutes, or stream my favourite shows online minus the hiatuses. And this is just a small part of an even larger plan, I also intend to switch to video calling instead of the regular phone call, given the fact that I am not a big fan of faceless conversations and breaks in voice over the phone network.  

So if you are a person, who like me, gets completely annoyed with painfully slow internet speed on their Smart Phone, check out the new Airtel 4G which makes all your online tasks a breeze. Now, access your Social Media accounts, upload pictures to Instagram, download movies, make video calls, play real-time online games with your friends and enjoy your online existence without a lag with Airtel 4G.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Honey Diet - A sweeter alternative

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A well balanced diet helps the body obtain the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients to keep the body and mind strong and in good shape. Eating well also helps our body to prevent a variety of diseases and health problems by strengthening our immune system, as well as, it also helps in maintaining a healthy body weight , providing energy and strength for our day to day activities and in promoting a general feeling of being healthy.

Today, I am going to tell you about the benefits of consuming a well balanced diet and how it plays a crucial role in the long run to keep you healthy:

1. Weight Control: As the basic requirement of a  well balanced diet is eating a wide variety of food; such as good carbohydrates, fresh fruits and vegetables, enriching proteins in the form of milk, meat and pulses, and healthy fats, a well balanced diet helps a person consuming such diet maintain a healthy body weight. How does it do so, you shall ask? All right, the reason for it is that when you consume a well balanced diet, the scope for consumption of calorie-dense unhealthy food like fatty and sugar snacks that tends to add to your bulge, is considerably reduced. Instead of consuming the unhealthy foods in the form of snacking four to five times a day, when your diet is well balanced, you end up snacking only one or twice a day.

2. High energy levels: We consume food to keep us energized. Food we eat gives us calories that fuels out day to day activities. And that is the reason you see when one goes on a fast or diets for a prolonged time, they tend do feel a sudden drop in their energy levels and are tired all the time. Keeping one's body fuelled with calories from right sources helps one make the most out of their day. Good carbohydrates, like brown rice, whole wheat flour, quinoa and such other foods,  in a recommended proportion helps you body by supplying it with a steady supply of energy throughout the day. Here you would argue why we require good carbohydrates? The reason for this is, carbohydrates from unhealthy foods spikes up our blood sugar and insulin levels thereby putting us on the risky path. Continuous consumption of those unhealthy carbohydrate sources increases our chances of developing diabetes and other lifestyle disorders.

3. A stronger immune system: A well balanced diet helps in strengthening your immune system. A strong immune system translates into less diseases. A well balanced diet supplies your body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals which in turn keeps your immune system strong. A lack or deficiency of vitamins and minerals, on the other hand, can impair the immune system too!

So this was all about a well balanced diet. Apart from all this, honey, too helps in promoting a healthy diet. Dabur has launched Honey Diet.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Are you a cricket fan? Then try UC Cricket by UC Browser

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I play wide range of games, right from indoor games to outdoor games, but the only game which I love the most is cricket! Though it is not the official national game of our country, India, but it is the one game which is loved and enjoyed by almost every Indian. This game of cricket is also like a religion for us Indians. In India, people who love cricket (like I do) do not leave any chance or let any stone remain unturned, to either watch the match or listen to the live commentaries, in order to stay update about the game going on. Hence, do no be surprised if you find a horde of men and boys, ranging from a mere five to an eye-brow raising eighty eight, standing in front of an electronic showroom, trying to watch the match on the televisions sets up for same in the electronic showroom or a group of men listening closely to live radio updates on anyone's phone during their railway commute even in peak hours!

We Indians love this game so much that we don't just watch the game but we even have our own predictions about the game and also have done many crazy things to enjoy this amazing game with passion. And honestly speaking I too am an avid fan of this fantastic game and do not skip watching any match, come whatsoever.

When I was a kid, I used to bunk my tuitions, schools and even skipped my study time on several occasions just to watch the whole game and honestly speaking I always used to watch it with very much concentration, that is, focus. I still remember my mother's taunts during those times that instead of concentrating on the ongoing match, if I put even one-fourth of my concentration in my studies, I will top the class. All these bunking and skipping did cost me dearly and I did fail in my school's semester exam.

Anyway, now, that I have grown up; I cannot afford the luxury of skipping my work just to stay back home and enjoy the entire match. After all, corporate offices hate slackers and also, I cannot watch the match without paying my electricity and satellite television recharge! But thanks to the advancement in technology, match viewing is not restricted to the television set housed in our house. We can catch the match anytime anywhere on our phones. Still, what to do when a slow browser is hell bent on marring your match viewing experience? Simple, change your browser and switch over to UC Browser which promises super fast and super smooth streaming. The UC Browser also has a feature called UC Cricket which is a boon for cricket lovers; it lets to stay updated with the game all the time. So now, I get all real time notifications because of my browser even when I am working! Isn't that great?

Friday, June 12, 2015

My tried and tested tips for achieving beautiful skin

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A beautiful skin is one of the greatest treasure a person can possess. Yes, definitely it is not just good skin that defines whether a person is beautiful or not; beauty is something which a person radiates from within. Yet, having a beautiful and clear skin makes a lot of difference to a person's confidence and readiness to take on the world. After all, not having to worry about wiping off excess oil from face which makes one look like a deep-fried snack or not having to care about that red pimple sitting like a king on one's face, boosts the approach of a person.

Teenage is notorious for bringing along with it the bane of acne and oily skin for most people. I too battled this monster and finally have managed to keep a tab on my acne. Over the course of the years, while trying to achieve a clear skin using trial & error method and lots of harsh beauty products; I have now ended up with an arsenal of my own little natural and simple skincare tips, which sounds very basic but makes a huge impact.

Interested? Read on for my tried and tested tips for achieving beautiful skin:

Use a clay face pack- A clay pack acts like a magnet and removes all the dirt and excess oil from your skin. It helps to rejuvenate tired and soulless skin. Ideally, a clay face pack once a week is more than enough. I suggest going in for natural clay face packs like Multani Mitti, which is also known as Fuller's Earth, mixed with a bit of water or lemon juice because it is devoid of any chemical add-ons.

Drink lots of water- Time and time again we have heard people harp about the important of drinking lots of water. After all, human body has about 65% of water. Drinking sufficient water ensures that the skin stays hydrated and thus has that soft, dewy and taut look. Personally, I prefer consuming my daily dose of this sacred liquid in the form of a few cups of green tea, a few glasses of lemonade, a few glasses of juice and finally some plain water.

Avoid rich food- One of the reasons of blemished skin is rich food. I know, I am getting a lot of eyebrow raises over here but let me justify my point first. Well, liver is the main organ whose duty is detoxifying, when you consume rich food very often and in large quantities, you slow down the working of your liver and thereby allowing toxins to stay in your system for longer than it should have, which makes appearance in the form of dull texture and blemishes. Thus, avoid rich food as much as possible and when left with no choice, consume in moderate amounts.

Aloe Vera- This plant's leaves are said to be a boon for skin. Right from soothing sun-tanned skin to acting as a natural moisturizer, this plant possesses a lot of medicinal properties which are good for the skin. Aloe Vera gel applied on its own on the face or consumed with some lemon and honey does wonder for the skin. Bonus point? It is available right at your window sill! So affordable!

Remove makeup before sleeping- This one has been repeated many times, but again and again people forget to put it in practice. Removing makeup before sleeping is a simple tip that helps your skin breath and repair itself during the night time when you are asleep. Obviously you would not want to suffocate your skin, right?

Friday, May 15, 2015

My Airtel App - Top 3 features that best suits my lifestyle!

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India's biggest mobile telecom operator Airtel has updated their mobile application which surely simplifies your lifestyle. In the updated version of My Airtel app, the company has added some exciting new features which include features like: Recharging your Airtel services like DTH etc. You can also use it to pay your due bills or to pay your postpaid mobile bill.

By recharging or paying your due bills with the application you can get the benefits of some exciting features like, getting cash back on recharging or to avail exciting deals and offers which they provide you when you are about to complete the recharge or any transaction. Which really seems a great way to get people on the platform and it's even beneficial for the users of the application.

It's not just for recharging your mobile or DTH but you can  almost recharge any of your Airtel services and that too from anywhere across the country. The application is also smart enough to notify you whenever the balance is low or the data pack is about to expire or any due dates for bill payments. Which does simplify your life.

The application also has services like transferring money from person A to person B. Which means if you want to transfer money to anyone then instead of going to the bank or logging into the dashboard of your online net banking service, you can instead transfer the money from the app itself. Then the receiver will receive the notification about the transfer.

My Airtel app has a wide array of features so below I have some features which I find impressive:

1. The shake feature:
When you shake your phone, then the application searches for best recharge deals for us. And I personally find this feature impressive because you don't need to invest your time searching for a good deal instead you can simply shake your phone and boom you just got the best deal. As of now this shake feature only works for Android users, but pretty soon Airtel will get this done for iOS users too.

2. Airtel Surprises:
This feature not just brings smile on your face, but also saves a lot of money from various online merchants. In the Airtel Surprises feature you get coupons which can be used to unlock various offers on different merchant portals.
P.S. I just recharged my mobile and got a Dominos coupon which will get me 35% off on order above Rs. 299/-.

3. 'I want to' Feature:
In this feature the application simplifies all your frequent tasks like monthly recharging your DTH or monthly transfer money, etc. It makes the whole process instant, you don't even need to do all that boring stuff of adding the DTH number or adding the money receiver's account number etc. And in my opinion I think this is big feature which makes your life hassle free.

Final Words:
I'm glad that Airtel have come up with this application which seriously makes it easy for me to make any recharge or bill payment of any of my Airtel services. I recommend you to try out this application and I can bet that this will make your life much better.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

#EkNayiLeague with Kapil Dev

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Kapil Dev the one who fulfilled the dream of millions of Indians by winning and bringing the World Cup trophy of 1983. Millions of Indians were happy and praising Kapil Dev for this wonderful achievement for the country.

After retiring from cricket I thought he would be planning to build up a new cricket coaching academy where he can teach young aspiring cricketers to achieve the same heights of success which he achieved in 1983. But it seems he has some other plans for his retirement, which he is fulfilling. I think #EkNayiLeague is one of the plans which he might have before getting his retirement.

He hadn't yet shared what's #EkNayiLeague is about, but have given few clues through videos which reflects many things like:

1. #EkNayiLeague can be a quiz game where he'll ask tricky questions to the contestant. If the contestant is playing the game with his heart, then chances are that he can get hit is own wicket or in other words can fail in the game.

2. #EkNayiLeague could be a game between celebrities where they need to take a decision with their brain, not with their heart. And if they bring emotions in between the game, then they may fail in the game.

3. #EkNayiLeague it can be like a competition where common people has to play with their brain and by winning they can earn a good amount as cash prize. (Similar like KBC).

4. #EkNayiLeague could be a reality show similar to BigBoss where people or celebrities would need to spend months in a house where they might have to play with their brain not with their heart or emotions.

5. #EkNayiLeague can be a game where people with physical disabilities can compete and win some cash prizes or any other thing which can have a new league for their life or will give them motivation to start a new league in their life.

6. #EkNayiLeague could be a game between where contestant needs to compete with their own family members where if they take decision with their hearts, then they can lose the game, but if implemented their senses or brain then they can probably win the whole game.

The #EkNayiLeague concept can be anything but it is a sure thing that it is designed in such a way that if the contestant plays with heart or emotions then they will surely lose. But if played with their brain or senses, then probably they have a very good chance of winning the game.

If you have any idea or have anything to say which you think can be the concept of the game which Kapil Dev is starting then you could probably win 1 Lakh Rupees. You need to log on and submit your idea or any prediction which you think can be the concept of the league which Mr. Kapil Dev is about to start.